The artist JACQUES ARAGO was appointed to the French expedition under command of LOUIS DE FREYCINET, on a voyage around the world, 1817-1820. Arago made a series of sketches, mostly of the native people and published a book under his own name, separately from the expeditions, printed in Paris c.1820, a series of stone lithographs, with French titles.

106. Temple at Kaiakakooa, 8"X7" $375.00107. Strangling a criminal, 8"x7" $195.00

108. Killing a criminal, 8"x7" $195.00109. Punishment of criminal, 8"x6" $195.00 SOLD

110. Royal temple Kayakakoua, 8"x6" $295.00 SOLD111. Hawaiian warriors, 8"x6" $195.00

112. Hawaiian warrior, 6"x8" $195.00113. Hawaiian warrior, 6"x8" $195.00

114. Young Hawaiian lady, 6"x8" $225.00115. Young girl dancer, 8"x8" $325.00

116. King of Hawaii, 7"x7" $225.00117. Young Hawaiian girl, 7"x8" $275.00

118. ILES SANDWICH, Hawaiian dancers, published in Malte-Brun Geography, Paris, 1840, steel engraving.
Full colour 7"x6" $265.00

Another French expedition to Hawaii, though not well known, was under the command of Auguste Nicholas VALLIANT, in the ship BONITE. A RARE series of six views on Hawaii, published in Paris 1840. Excellent quality stone lithographs, each 13"x9". One set available in full colour, another set in uncoloured sepia tones, with expert restoration to library marks.
119. Scene De Danse Aux lIes Sandwich, excellent group scene with dancer and native drunrrners entertaining the officers of the expedition.
Full colour $3,850.00
Sepia tone $2,750.00

120. Vue De Honolulu, early view of harbour area, groups of people, European houses, three ships.
Full colour $3,500.00
Sepia tone $2,500.00

121. Vallee Du Pari Pres Honolulu, the PALI at Nuuanu Valley.
Full colour $3,500.00
Sepia tone $1,700.00

122. Monument Elee a Hawaii Au Capitaine Cook, at Karakakooa Bay.
Full colour $1,950.00
Sepia tone $975.00

123. VVillage de Kearakekoua, Iles Sandwach. Large native conoe at sea, village beyond.
Full colour $2,500.00
Sepia tone $1,750.00

124. Echouage Aux Iles Sandwich. Trying to land at Karakakooa Bay.
Full colour $1,500.00
Sepia tone $750.00

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