The first United States expeditrion to be sponsored by the government was commanded by CHARLES WILKES, whose squadron visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1841 and 1842. They made a considerable number of observations here and made a detailed study of geological interest on Hawaii, climbing to the top of Mauna Loa and establishing a camp at the summit. A Series of steel engravings from this expedition are listed below, all full colour, 7"x5", excellent. Also see the map No.15.

125. HANAPEPE FALLS, Kauai $1,200.00
126. A KUKUI GROVE, Kauai $1,200.00

127. Camp on MAUNA LOA, Hawaii $175.00
128. PALI, OAHU $1,200.00

129. CRATER OF MAUNA LOA $125.00
130. CRATER OF KILUEA, Hawaii $200.00

131. KEKAULUOHI, Hawaii $185.00
132. KAMEHAMEHA III $185.00

133. TEMPLE OF KAILI, Hawaii $75.00

135. CRATER OF HALEAKALA, map $85.00
136. CRATER OF MOKU-A-WEO-WEO, map $85.00
137. CRATER OF KILUEA, map $85.00
138. Map of Part of the Island of Hawaii, showing CRATERS and ERUPTIONS $85.00

HIRAM BINGHAM spent 21 years in the Sandwich Islands, publishing a book in 1847 with a selection of full page woodcut illustrations, these are all fully coloured, 7"x4".

139. View of HILO, Mauna-Kea and Mauna Loa. $350.00

140. Village of Kaawaloa on Kealakekua Bay, where Capt.Cook was killed. $485.00

141. Mission Seminary at LAHAINALUNA, Maui. $475.00

142. View of the southern side of OAHU from EWA, Diamond Head. $550.00

143. Queen at Waimea, OAHU, recommending Christianity. $275.00

144. Village of Waimea, Kauai $450.00

ROBERT ELWES was an independent traveller from England who visited Hawaii in 1850, the following are excellent stone lithographs, made from the drawings he made at the time of his visit. These were shown to the King of Hawaii who heartily approved of them, pointing out the main buildings and mountains. Sepia toned with addition of colour, each view is 7"x5".

145. LAHAINA $450.00

146. HALEAKALA $350.00

147. HONOLULU $450.00

148. A rare aquatint view from the Russian expedition of KOTEZBUE, arriving in Hawaii 1816, VIEW OF THE ROYAL MORAl OF TI-UTATUA IN THE ISLAND OF OWHYEE. This temple, to the god Lono, is situated at Kona and Kamehameha lived his last years here. Superior quality.
Full original colour, 7"x5" $550.00

The following four stone lithographs are from a very scarce Spanish book Viajes Cientificos En Todo El Mondo, printed in Madrid 1840, by Francisco Michelena Y Rojas. Excellent quality, each view 8"x6", full colour.

150. HAWAII, general scene $350.00

151. JOHN ADAMS, (Koua-Kini) Governor of Hawaii. $375.00

152. KAMEHAMEHA III, King of the Sandwich islands. $395.00

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