Shortly after the return of the Cook expedition to England, copies of the engravings were smuggled out to Paris and a French issue of the third voyage was published in Paris, 1785. The engravings by WEBBER were used by the French engraver BENARD, with French titles substituted. These were of equal quality to the English edition, on good strong hand-made paper.

46. Cimetiere D'Atooi. (Moral at Atooi, Kauai), 14 1/2"x9"
47. Interior D'Un Morais D'Atooi, 10"x9"
48. Une Vue De L'lnterieur De L'Isle D'Atooi. (Waimea village). 18"x9"
49. Offrandes Faites Au Capitaine Cook, Aux Isles Sandwich, 14"x9"
50. Tereoboo, Roi D'Owyhee Apportant Des Presents Au Capitaine Cook, 14"x9"
51. Un Homme De L'lsle Sandwich Dansant, (Hawaiian Dancer), 7"x9"
52. Vue De Karakakooa, Partie De L'lsle Owyhee. (Bay scene with surfer) 20"x9"
53. Jeune Femme De L'Isle Sandwich (Young girl of Hawaii), 7"x9"
54. Homme De L'Isle Sandwich Avec Son Casque (Feathered Chief), 7"x9"
55. Piroque Des Isles Sandwich Avec Les Rameurs Masques (Masked Rowers) 14"x9"
56. Homme Masque De L'Isle Sandwich (Man with gourd mask), 7"x9"
57. Divers Ouvrages Des Habitans De L'Isle Sandwich. (Artifacts), 11"x9"
58. Mort De Cook (Death of Cook), 14 1/2"x9"

The engravings by JOHN WEBBER were copied by artists throughout Europe, these were of such importance as they were the first and only available pictures of the Hawaiian Islands. The REV.THOMAS BANKES, Vicar of Dixton in Monmouthshire, published a large folio book in 1790, on various voyages, including the latest by COOK, using the Webber plates as illustrations. These are the same views as those listed above, except slightly reduced in size, some having two plates to a page. Two new views have also been added. These items are scarce, good quality copper engravings, all uncoloured, page size 10"xl5 1/2", excellent condition.

59. Two views to page, as illustrated above, these are the extra plates used by Bankes, taken from drawings made by Webber. These are the first available prints of these subject
60. Habitations and People of the Island of Atooi. (Kaual)
61. Two to a page: Inside and Outside of a Morai in Atooi.
62. Two to a page: A Man and a Woman of the Sandwich Islands.
63. Two to a page: Canoe of Sandwich Islands with Rowers masked, An Offering before Cook in the Sandwich Islands.
64. View of Karakakooa Bay in Owyhee where Cook was Killed.
65. A Man of the Sandwich Islands Dancing.
66. Two to a page: Terreoboo King of Owyhee bringing presents to Cook, The Death of Captain Cook by Natives of Owyhee.

WE ALSO HAVE MANY OTHER VERSIONS OF THE WEBBER ENGRAVINGS including German and Dutch issues, Anderson, Portlock, Cooke, Hogg, Kelly etc., Some are smaller prints, others have reversed the subject, but all are based on the originals. Too many to list, please ask for copies and prices.

As soon as news of the British discovery of Hawaii reached Paris, Louis XIV immediately despatched a French expedition under the command of JEAN-FRANCOIS GALLUP DE LA- PEROUSE to ascertain the importance of these islands. Nothing of note came from this voyage in terms of Hawaii, La-Perouse in fact only spent 24 hours at Maui! However, an excellent chart was produced, see map section, and an interesting view of MOWEE was published in the journals on return.

67. VUE DU MOUILLAGE DES FREGATES FRANCAISES A L'ILE DE MOWEE. Excellent copper engraving showing the two frigates of the expedition, anchored off coast of Maui, surrounded by many native canoes. Published in Paris, 1797.
Black/White 16"xl1" $2,250.00

68. GEORGE VANCOUVER had sailed with Cook on his third voyage to Hawaii, he returned with his own command in 1793, a survey of Hawaii was made. They visited the crater of MOUNT WORRORAY (Kiluea) and represented in the copper engraving above, published in London 1798. Scarce item.
Black/White 9"x7" $950.00

69. GEORGE DIXON together with Nathanial Portlock, had served with Cook on the third voyage, they returned to the Northwest Coast of America to trade in furs, the start of the South Seas Company, visiting Hawaii for provisions. This copper engraving shows a distorted view of THE BAY AT WOAHOO, SANDWICH ISLANDS, printed c.1788, very scarce item.
Black/White 9"x7" $1,200.00

71. GREAT VOLCANO OF PELI, AT HAWAII. Engraved from a Drawing taken on the Spot by Robt.Dampier. Under the command of George Byron, HMS Blonde returned the bodies of the King and Queen of Hawaii from England, after they had died of measles. This acquatint represents their visit to the farnous crater of Kiluea, printed c. 1826. Collectors item.
Full colour 14"x7" $1,250.00

This set of small steel engraved views was published in Paris 1834, after the first voyage of DUMONT D'URVILLE around the world from 1826 to 1829. Some of these items have been based on earlier expeditions, British, French and Russian. D'Urville arrive at Honolulu on 18th January 1831. Interesting set, all in full colour, 5"x4" matted, titles are in French but for ease of description we have used English.
72. Queen of Kamehameha I, Hawaii. $265.00 73. Bay & Fort of Honolulu. $295.00
74. Kau-ike-ouli, King of Hawaii $150.00 75. Governors Palace, Honolulu $220.00
76. King Kamehameha I $285.00 77. Karakakooa Bay, Hawaii $225.00
78. Young Hawaiian Girl $175.00 79. Warrior Chief of Hawaii $265.00
80. Childrens Hula Dance $195.00 81. Hawaiian Dancing with rattle. $250.00
82. Mens Hula Dance $185.00 83. Idols of Hawaii $125.00
84. Young Hawaiian Girl $195.00 85. Hawaiian Chief $65.00
86. Lamenting death of Queen $85.00 87. Masked warrior $345.00
88. Temple interior, Kauai $90.00 89. Offering to Cook. $120.00
90. Princess Naheina-heina $195.00 91. Oua Valley $195.00
92. Missionary buildings Wai-akea. $195.00 93. Baptism of the King. $125.00
94. Karai-Mokou, a chief. $90.00 95. Wai-pio Valley. $245.00
96. Wai-Louku Falls. $165.00 97. Fort ruins, Kona. $75.00
98. Wai-Akea River $195.00 99. Kamehameha Temple at Kona. $195.00
100. Noma-Hana. $125.00 101. Royal Temple Honaunau. $195.00
102. Temple at Kauai. $195.00 103. Kiluea crater, Hawaii $165.00
104. Pouna-hohoa crater, Hawaii. $165.00 105. Death of Cook. $325.00

The map of the HAWAIIAN GROUP is available from this series.

Other maps from this series include: Tonga, Tahiti and New Zealand.

We also have a very large selection of prints from this voyage, relating to South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Guam, Philippines, East Indies, Java, India etc., please ask for more details.

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