The following selection of copper engravings are the most well known of all the artists that visited Hawaii. JOHN WEBBER sailed with Cook and made a numerous number of drawings and paintings of the voyage, some of which were then made into engravings on arrival at London. These are from the FIRST FOLIO ISSUE, published in London 1784 for the Official Account of the Third Voyage of Captain Cook. They are becoming quite scarce, only 1,000 or so can be made from a copper plate, many of these have been lost in fires, floods, wars, a good many are still in private collections and museums, leaving only a limited number available to the collector. All are in excellent condition, on good strong hand-made paper, black/white as issued. We also have available all the Webber plates from the third voyage of Cook, South Pacific, Northwest Coast of America, Kamtchatka etc., please ask for details.

32. MAN OF THE SANDWICH ISLANDS IN A MASK, wearing gourd helmet with strips of Tapa cloth beneath, branches for the 'mane'. Printed area 7"x11" with extra wide margins.
Black/White $3,750.00 - Full Colour $3,950.00

33. AN INLAND VIEW IN ATOOI. Interesting scene of a village visited by Cook and Webber at Waimea, Kauai. The canyon can be seen in the background. Printed area 18"xl0" with wide margins.
BlacK/White $3,750.00 - Full Colour $3,950.00

34. A MORAl IN ATOOI. Near Waimea, Kauai, this was really more of a temple, the tall framework held white tapa cloth, in honour of the god Lono, and gave rise to the confusion of thinking Cook was the god Lono, arriving in his sailing ship. Printed area 15"xl0" with wide margins.
Black/White $1,575.00 - Full Colour $1,800.00

35. THE INSIDE OF A HOUSE IN THE MORAl IN ATOOI. Offerings of tapa are placed before the gods at this hut, inside the Moral itself, at Waimea, Kauai. Printed area 12"x9" with wide margins.
Black/White $1200.00

36. AN OFFERING BEFORE CAPTAIN COOK, IN THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. Well detailed view with number of natives seated before Cook, being offered some pork, the underground oven where it was cooked, is at left side. Printed area 15"x11" with wide margins.
Black/White $2,250.00 - Full Colour $2,550.00

37. TEREOBOO, KING OF OWYHEE, BRINGING PRESENTS TO CAPT.COOK. Excellent scene with double-canoes, one with large sail, being rowed out to meet Cook at Karakakooa Bay, Hawaii. Printed area 15"xl0" with wide margins.
Black/White $4,800.00 - Full Colour $5,000.00

38.A VIEW OF KARAKAKOOA, IN OWYHEE. Cook's ships are anchored in the bay surrounded by natives trading provision~ for nails and other bits of metal. In the foreground is the first engraving to show a surfer on a board. Printed area l7"x10" with wide margins.
Black/White $11,500.00 - Full Colour $12,000.00

39. A MAN OF THE SANDWICH ISLANDS, DANCING. The native is holding a gourd rattle with feather top, also feather wraps to his legs, tattoos can clearly be seen running down his legs and arms. Printed area 7"x11" with wide margins.
Black/White $3,500.00 - Full Colour $3,950.00

40. A YOUNG WOMAN OF THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. Attractive native girl with feather necklace and headband. Printed area 7'xll with wide margins.
Black/White $3,500.00 - Full Colour $3,950.00

41. A MAN OF THE SANDWICH ISLANDS, WITH HIS HELMET. He is actually a chief wearing one of the fabled, red and yellow feather, cloaks and headdress. Printed area 7"x 11" with wide margins.
Black/White $3,500.00 - Full Colour $3,950.00

42. A CANOE OF THE SANDWICH ISLANDS, THE ROWERS MASKED. Double-canoe with sail, being rowed by nine masked natives, another holds an idol. Printed area 15"xll" with wide margins.
Black/White $4,800.00 - Full Colour $5,000.00

43. VARIOUS ARTICLES, AT THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. Excellent plate of Necklace made from boars tusks, Knife, Gourd Rattle, Carved Idol, two War Clubs. Printed area 11"x8".
Black/White $1,250.00 - Full Colour $1,500.00

44. BOXING MATCH BEFORE CAPT.COOK AT OWYHEE. This is a limited edifion print of only 150 copies, this item was never published previously, printed 1900, by Francis Edwards of London, who took this from one of the Webber original watercolours. Printed area 27'x15' with wide margins.
Sepia litho SOLD

45. THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN COOK. This is the famous Webber portrayal of this event, an extra large engraving that had to be separately ordered to go with the folio atlas, therefore not as many were printed and they are very scarce. The figures are by Bartolozzi. Printed area 23"xl8", normal margins.
Full colour (some expert restoration), Framed in Koa: $25,000
Black/White (excellent) $15,000.00

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