16. Very large sea-chart of the Hawaiian group, stretching to Lisiansky and Hermes islands. CARTE DES ISLES HAWAII (SANDWICH), a rare item published for the voyage of DUMONT D'URVILLE in 1847, issued by the Depot General e La Marine, French Admiralty. The centre fold has split, but expertly repaired so as not to show.
Full colour 35 1/2"x23 1/2" $1,950.00

16a. ROYAL GEOG. SOCIETY, 1868, Sandwich Islands, detailed map issued for a paper by the Bishop of Honolulu. Very scarce item, published only for members of the RGS of London, not for public sale.
Outline colour, 11"x8" 1 $3,800.00
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17. Excellent U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY of the island of OAHU, Hawaiian Islands, by W.D.ALEXANDER, carried out in 1881, additional information Military information added to 1893. The Oahu Railway can clearly he seen, with list of the miles, also long list of Post Offices.
Full colour l2 1/2"x9 1/2" $375.00

18. U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY of the island of MAUI, by W.D.ALEXANDER, carried out 1880, additional Military information added to 1893. List of distances between towns.
Full colour ll"x9" $295.00

19. Unknown GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT, c.1899, of PEARL HARBOR, shows the Oahu Railway to the Ewa Sugar Plantation, Pearl City and Ford's Island.
Full colour l0"x8" $225.00

20. GOVERNMENT SURVEY, June 1900, Portion of HONOLULU, showing area from Honolulu Harbor near Bethel Street and Hotel Street, King & Queen Streets, Punchbowl Street and the Esplanade.
Full colour 14"x17" $275.00

21. HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT SURVEYS:- by W.D.ALEXANDER, extremely large, well detailed and interesting, folding maps of individual islands, in full colour coding to denote Crown Lands, Government Lands and Public Lands. The Crown Lands being those of Kamehameha III and drawn according to the divisions of 1848. All in excellent condition.
a. MOLOKAI, 1897, 34"x16 3/4" $2250.00 f. OAHU, 1881, 35"x26 1/2" $1850.00
b. MAUI, 1885, 35 1/2"x29" $1200.00 Sold g. KAUAI, 1878, 24"x17" $1,500.00 Sold
c. LANAI, 1878, 33"x26 1/2" $2250.00 h. KAUAI, 1901, 23"x18" $1850.00 Available
d. MOLOKAI, 1897, 48"x25" $1200.00 i. KAUAI, 1903, 24"x20" $2200.00 Available
e. HAWAII, 1901, 32"x36" $1850.00 j. NIIHAU, 1904, 20"x24" $975.00 Sold
K. KAUAI, Topographical map of Island of Kauai,1937 by R.B Marshall,key explanation of land resorces etc.,39 X 29"  

22. Interesting and detailed chart of the important whaling town of LAHAINA on Maui, the enclosures represent Hawaiian land use. Originally drawn in 1819, by DUPERRY, this is a later edition of 1870. Also includes the islands of Rose and Pylstaart.
Full colour 13 1/2"x20" $895.00

23. Another good chart by DUPERRY of KAYAKAKOUA BAY on Hawaii, published 1870.
Full colour 20"x13 1/2" $850.00

24. Another DUPERRY chart of KOHAI-HAI Bay on Hawaii, published 1870.
Full colour 13 1/2"x20' $575.00

28. Most attractive map of POLYNESIA or Islands in the Pacific Ocean, by JOHN TALLIS, printed London 1851 for his Illustrated Atlas. Beautiful vignette views of Hawaii, Tahiti and New Guinea.
Outline colour 13 1/2"x10" $895.00

Ref. #29 - Click image for larger view.
29. HAWAIIAN GROUP, together with New Zealand, Fiji and others, based on the maps of the WILKES expedition, published on one sheet by J.H.COLTON, New York, 1855, attractive border.
Full colour 13"x 15 1/2" $995.00

30. OST.POLYNESIA, unusual German map of the eastern Pacific, covering Hawaii, Galapagos and Tahiti islands, with large inset of the volcano at Hawaii, based on the Wilkes. Issued by Justus Perthes, 1861. Other insets include Tahiti and Floriana.
Outline colour 16"x 13" $165.00

31. MAP OF OCEANIA, Exhibiting Its Various Divisions. Large inset of the Sandwich islands, America issue by Bradley of 1887.lncludes whole Pacific with Australia.
Outline colour 13"x10" $395.00

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