1. CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, steel engraving of c. 1820, from the original picture by Dance who painted his portrait after the second voyage and while Cook was desk-bound at the Greenwich Hospital. An interesting collection of vignettes has been added as a border.
Full colour 7"xl0" $895.00
Black/White 7"xl0" $325.00

1a. CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, steel engraving of c.1820, showing Cook sitting with chart of South Polar regions on his lap.
Black/White 4"x7" $325.00

Hawaiian Maps

2. This is the  very first printed map of the Hawaiian Islands, originally drawn by Henry Roberts who was the hydrographer with Cook on the expedition. The French issued their copy, one year after the official English one, the only difference being that the French map does not mention the Death of Cook on the inset chart of Karakakooa Bay, but does include his route. Collectors item.

Black/White 18"x1l" $19,800

4. An interesting set of coastal profiles, attributed to WILLIAM BLIGH of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, when he was a midshipman with Cook on the third voyage. Printed in Paris, 1785 it shows Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Niihau.
Full colour l5"x8" $2,800.00 SOLD

4a. Another version of this item, printed in English by ALEXANDER HOGG, between 1780-90, possibly for Anderson's Travels a large folio book on voyages.
Black/White 13"x8" $2,500.00

An English version of the original Capt.Cook chart pub. by ALEXANDER HOGG between 1784-1890.He accompanied the voyage and was familar with
the Islands,this copper engraved map is very important being an english piloted map,good collector's item,good conditon.
Full colour 10"x8 1/4" $4,750.00
Black/White 10"x8 1/4" $5,900.00

6. Extremely RARE German edition of the COOK chart, but using the war canoe scene from Webber instead of the inset chart of the bay. This map is basically un-recorded and was obviously issued in a German account for the expedition, published c.1785-90.
Full colour l7 1/2"x11" Sold

7. Attractive French chart based on Capt.Cook's chart, published by M.BONNE in Paris about 1780. Gives the inset of the bay and route, large compass-star added. Shows the bay of Karakakoa Bay where Cook was killed.

Full colour 14"x10" $5,800.00
Black/White 14"x10" $4,800.00

8. A very RARE Italian chart published by GIO.CASSINI in 1798 at the Roma Pressola Calcografia Camerale. Another version of the COOK chan but this time using a large vignette to depict the scene of the Death of Cook. The route of Cook is marked, but some of the dates given are incorrect.
Full colour 19"x14" $15,000.00
Outline colour 19'x14" $15,000.00

12. A scarce map published by VANDER MAELEN, Brussels, 1827 from a five volume atlas set, used to make up a globe. Large text block of French description on the islands.
Full colour 21"xl9" $1,250.00

14. Chart of the Sandwich Island,to accompany the paper by the BISHOP OF HONOLULU,published for journal of the Royal Geographical Society,by J.Murrey.1868.A very scarce item for collecting. outline col.
11"X 9" $3,800

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