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Wilkie Gallery

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A collection of exceptional steel engravings, published for The Wilkie Gallery, London c.1840.

David Wilkie was the third son of Rev.David Wilkie, minister of Cults in Fifeshire, Scotland.

They were extremely poor and only just managed to put David through the Edinburgh Academy. It soon became apparent that there was no money to be made in Scotland and he left for London in 1805. During this time he lived very poorly although he did manage to attend the Royal Academy as a student.

Eventually he came to be recognised as an excellent artist by the Earl of Mansfield, Sir George Beaumont and Lord Mulgrave who introduced him into the Society of London. He then became one of the leading painters of the period.

His work depicts local life and characters, mostly influenced upon by his earlier frugal beginnings.

These are uncoloured as issued, on strong quality paper, average 11"x8" plus wide margins.

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WLK001 Sir David Wilkie, R.A. $20.00 WLK002 The Wilkie Gallery. $20.00
WLK003 The Village Recruit. $75.00 WLK004 The Village Politicians. $75.00
WLK005 Alfred in the Neatherd's Cottage. $35.00 WLK006 The Blind Fiddler. $65.00
WLK007 The Rent Day. $95.00 WLK008 The Village Festival. $95.00
WLK009 The Cut Finger. $95.00 WLK010 The Jews Harp. $45.00
WLK011 The Pedlar. $50.00 WLK012 The Rat Hunters. $50.00
WLK013 Blind Mans Bluff. $85.00 WLK014 The Letter of Introduction. $50.00
WLK015 Duncan Gray. $45.00 WLK016 The Rabbit on the Wall $95.00
WLK017 The Piper $175.00 WLK018 Sir Walter Scott and his Family $65.00
WLK019 The Errand Boy $65.00 WLK020 The Cottage Toilet $65.00
WLK021 The Gentle Shepard. $60.00 WLK022 The Parish Beadle. $55.00
WLK023 Princess Doria Washing the Pilgrims' Feet. $45.00 WLK024 Distraining for Rent. $95.00
WLK025 The Penny Wedding $95.00 WLK026 Guess My Name. $45.00
WLK027 The Highlanders Return. $55.00 WLK028 The Pifferari. $35.00
WLK029 The Gipsey Mother. $75.00 WLK030 The New Coat $85.00
WLK031 The Breakfast. $75.00 WLK032 The Daughter of Admiral Walker. $75.00
WLK033 The Broken China Jar. $45.00 WLK034 A Group of Camels at Smyrna. $35.00
WLK035 Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo. $95.00 WLK036 The Guerilla Taking leave of his Confessor. $45.00
WLK037 The Duke of Wellington writing his Despatches. $45.00 WLK038 Saturday Night. $45.00
WLK039 The First Ear-Ring. $75.00 WLK040 The Wardrobe Ransacked. $45.00
WLK041 Napoleon and the Pope at Fontainebleu. $50.00 WLK042 Reading the News. $55.00
WLK043 Wilkie in Search of Murillo. $35.00 WLK044 The Death of Sir Philip Sidney. $35.00
WLK045 The Mother and Child. $75.00 WLK046 The Dorty Bairn. $55.00
WLK047 Benvenuto Cellini and the Pope. $45.00