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Ref#WE103 Click on image for larger view.
WE103 Chas.E GOAD, INSURANCE STREET PLAN,CHARLOTTE AMALIA ST. THOMAS, with insets of TORTOLA AND VIRGIN isle. By Chas.E GOAD,London 1897,KEY plan and 6 sheets,showing coloured block of buildings, good condition 1897 25"x21" 1 set $1500.00

Ref#WE1002 Click on image for larger view.
WE1002 J.BELIN, Charta ofwer Oen St.Barthelemi. Swedish title in box upper right, all other information in French, copper engraved on hand laid paper. Bays are noted, pathways and "Gustavia" is now named with a layout of the streets. St.Barts was discovered by Columbus on his second voyage and named for his younger brother. Colonised by the French it was then
ceded to Sweden, by Louis X!V in 1784, for free trading rights at Gotheborg, Sweden. EXTREMELY RARE being published just 2 years after the transfer. Good condition, showing minor fold marks where previously in book. Black/white.
1786 17"x13"   $11750.00
WE1005 FAHLBERG, St.Barts, extremely rare, detailed, full col. Picture and Details inside. 1801 28"x20" Sold $7750.00

Ref#WE1003 Click on image for larger view.
WE1003 CHURRACA, Carta Esferica de los canales que forma La Isla San Martin, con las de San Bartolome Y Anguilla. VERY RARE Spanish Admiralty chart, separately published, showing Anguilla, St.Barts and St.Martin. Excellent condition, black/white. 1811 16"x21" SOLD $5950.00

Ref#WE1001 Click on image for larger view.
WE1001 FAHLBERG/LAURIE & WHITTLE, Chart of the Island and Channels of St.Bartholomew, St.Martin, Anguilla. Extremely large and rare item, one of only three that show the islands in large scale, large inset of harbour/town of Gustavia. Some expert repairs and slight spotting to right side but generally very good and clean. Original colour.
20"x28" Sold $6250.00

Ref#WE1006 Click on image for larger view.
WE1006 NORKKOPING, Gustavia view, rare stone litho, sepia col. 1862 9"x 7" 1 $1995.00

Ref#WE1014 Click on image for larger view.
WE1014 MIDGEON, Ile St.Martin, Ile.St.Barthelemy, Anguilla, vignette view Sugar Cutting, excellent and scarce, full col. 1898 10"x9" 1 $1250.00



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WV140 Profile view of the Virgin Islands,Tortola,Virgin Gorda and Ginger Island,from American coast pilot,Pub.Edmund & Geo.W.Blunt, coloured,sm tear. 1854 8"x5" 1 $995

WV45 INSULA S. IUAN DE PUERTO RICO & CARIBES,Original engraved map of Porto Rico and the Lesser Antilles,BY JASSONIUM, original colouring, good condition. 1650 20"x16" 1 $3,200

WE1008 Original watercolor, CORAL BAY,St John,Virgin Island,Robert Schomburk 1840 20"x16" 1 $7,500

WE1007 Chart of ANEGADA,BY R.H.SCHOMBURK,with inset of Virgin Islands and its Reefs. Pub.Royal Geo Society by J.Murray.London, good condition. Very rare. 1832 9.5"x7" 1 $1,500

Ref#WV21 Click on image for larger view.
WV21 OGLIBY, ST. MARTIN,Coper engraved,b/w,good condition 1670 14" X 12" 1 $3500.00

Ref#WV44 Click on image for larger view.
WV44 OGIBLY, Animals of Porto Rico, german edition, b/white 1670 7"x 11" 1 $150.00

Ref#WV43 Click on image for larger view.
WV43 JOHN FAIRBURN, The Lapwing Capt.Barton capturing a French Frigate and Sinking a brig in West Indies. The French attacked ANGUILLA and Barton relived the island by taking the ships. VERY RARE, b/white 1797 9"x7" 1 $1250.00
WV22 GENTS.MAG, Little Van Dyke near Tortola, scarce view, b/w 1815 7"x 4" Sold $775.00

Ref#WV49 Click on image for larger view.
WV49 PINKERTON, View of the Island of St.Thomas, taken from Havensicht, excellent copper engraving, b/white 1817 9"x7" Sold $175.00

Ref#WV23 Click on image for larger view.
WV23 BRARD/Hegy, St.Thomas, magnificent/rare aquatint view, b/w 1820 17"x14" 1 $2750.00

Ref#WV45 Click on image for larger view.
WV45 WALLER, Spanish Planter of Porto Rico Luxuriating in Hammock. Excelltn aquatint, b/white 1820 4"x7" 1 $395.00

Ref#WV51 Click on image for larger view.
WV51 JOHNSON/Fielding, View in Tortola From Ruthy Hill. Very large aquatint from the famous Views in West Indies collection, issued in parts by Johnson. Superb view across island with town and anchorage in distance, EXTREMELY RARE, there are almost NO early views available of this island, full colour (Abbey 678) 1827 17"x12" Sold $8,950.00
WV25 ANDREWS, 2 aquatint views, Virgin Isles, good 1840 13"x 8" 1 $575.00

Ref#WV47 Click on image for larger view.
WV47 W.F.NEUHAUSER, Neuherrenhuth auf St.Thomas. Stone lithograph of a Plantation in St.Thomas, terraced gardens, cottages, scarce item. B/white 1840 9"x6" Sold $575.00
WV26 ILN, St.Thomas from Wrights Wharf, quarter page, b/w 1844 10"x 4" Sold $25.00
WV27 KERHALLET, coastal profiles, Porto Rico, b/w 1854 9"x12" Sold $15.00

WV48 E.M.BAERENTZEN, complete set of six magnificent sepia stone lithos, comes with page of text.
a) Christianssted, St.Croix. Fort and Town viewed from hill above.
b) Parti Van Frederikssted, St.Croix. Interesting view of coastal area.
c) Parti Af St.Thomas. Large part town.
d) St.Thomas. Lower part of town with bay/ships.
e) St.Jan. Landscape scene.
f) Crux Bay, St.Jan. Coastal scene.
1855 11"x 9" set $15,000.00

Ref#WV50 Click on image for larger view.
WV50 G.W.LEWIS (published New York), Sombrero Guano Island W.I. View of Island, working it and loading vessels with Guano Containing of Bone Phosphate of Lime. A magnificent large panoramic view with galleons at anchor. Some square buildings on the island and one very large building with American Flag. We have never seen another view of this island except for the tiny one available in ILN. EXTREMELY RARE. Some expert restoration to minor tears and laid to paper for strength. (More Info) 1856 23"x15" 1 $11500.00
WV28 REICHEL, Set of 10 Views, V.Isles/Antigua/S.Kitts, full col. 1861 9"x 7" Sold $
WV30 ILN, Sombrero, One of Leeward Isles in Caribbean, half-page, b/w 1865 10"x 6" 8 $50.00
WV31 ILN, Wreck of "Paramatta" on Horseshoe Reef, Nr. Anegado, b/w 1865 10"x 4"
WV32 ILN, Town and Harbour of St.Thomas, half double-page, b/w 1867 21"x 8" Sold $85.00
WV33 ILN, Harbour of St.Thomas, 2 days after Hurricane, half-page, b/w 1867 15"x 5" 5 $35.00
WV34 ILN, Harbour St.Thomas after Earthquake (Tidal wave), half-page, b/w 1867 10"x 8" 5 $25.00

Ref#WV35 Click on image for larger view.
WV35 ILN,Earthquake Wave at St.Thomas striking Mail Ship "La Plata",b/w 1867 15"x10" Sold $30.00
WV36 GRAPHIC, Town of St.Thomas/Sombrero/Moro/Bluebeards Castle, b/w 1876 10"x15" 4 $65.00
WV37 GRAPHIC, Prince Waldemars Visit to Charlotte Amalia,St.Thomas,b/w 1879 10"x 8" Sold $50.00
WV46 CLERGET, Puerto Rico, Vue Generale. Interesting woodcut after photo, main square, b/white 1880 8"x 6" Sold $125.00
WV38 THOMPSON, San German, Porto Rico, full col. 1899 14"x 10" 2 $95.00
WV39 THOMPSON, On Rio Grande Nr.San German PR, full col 1899 14"x 10" 2 $85.00
WV40 THOMPSON, Street Scene Nueva Gerona, Isle Pines, full col. 1899 14"x 10" 2 $85.00
WV41 THOMPSON, Returning from Market, Nr.Arecibo PR, full col 1899 14"x 10" 2 $95.00
WV42 THOMPSON, View Rio Piedras, PR from Old bridge, full col 1899 14"x 10" 2 $95.00