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Ref: Description: Date: Size: No. Price Ea:
WH01 GASTALDI, Isola Spagnola Nova, rare early map, b/w 1548 7"x 5" Sold $375.00
WH02 RUSCELLI/VALGRICI, Isola Spagnola, detailed, b/w 1562 10"x 8" Sold $325.00
WH03 C.WYTFLIET, Hispaniola Insvla, excellent, detailed, b/w 1597 11"x 9" Sold $925.00

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WH04 RUSCELLI/VALGRICI, Isola Spagnola Nova, attractive, vignettes, b/w 1599 10"x 8" 1 $450.00
WH06 MERIAN, Civitas S.Dominici, superb city plan, b/w 1640 13"x 8" Sold $350.00

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WH07 OGILBY, Urbs Domingo, superb city plan, b/w 1671 14"x11" Sold $450.00
WH08 MALLET, San-Domingo, birds eye plan, good, b/w 1685 4"x6" 1 $195.00
WH09 MALLET, Hispaniola and Porto Rico, scroll, miniature, good, b/w 1685 4"x6" 1 $185.00

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WH10 NICHOLAS DE FER, Espagnole, attractive, full col. 1715 13"x9" Sold $475.00

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WH11 J.VAN KEULEN, Hispaniola and Porto Rico, includes the Turks. Magnificent large rare sea-chart, very decorative with cartouche, well detailed, several inset charts, full colour. 1734 40"x23" Sold $2250.00
WH12 EMAN BOWEN, Hispaniola/Cuba, 2 maps to page, detailed, b/w 1747 17"x14" Sold $675.00
WH23 CHEDEL, Ville St.Domingue, scroll title, birds-eye plan of city, b/white 1750 6"x5" 1 $145.00

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WH14 BELLIN, Carte Saint Domingue, cartche, b/w, trimmed 1750 12"x 8" 1 $95.00
WH15 BELLIN, Carte Saint Domingue, box title, b/w 1750 12"x 8" 1 $75.00
WH16 VAUGONDY, Isle St.Domingue, inset Martinique, large cartche,col, 1750 20"x19" 1 $375.00
WH13 KITCHIN, Hispaniola, from London Mag, cartche, b/w 1758 10"x 8" 1 $125.00

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WH17 BELLIN, Plan de Ville Domingue, neat city plan, b/w 1760 9"x 8" Sold $150.00
WH18 BELLIN, Plan de Bay Saint Louis, good, b/w 1760 9"x 8" 1 $95.00
WH19 BELLIN, Carte Environs Francois, detailed, b/w, trimmed 1760 9"x 8" 1 $95.00
WH20 CHASTNET, Pilot book of St. Dominque, 7 maps, (Atlas), v.rare (More Info) 1787 24"x21" Sold $3850.00
WH21 STOCKDALE, Hispaniola, detailed, b/w 1800 36"x18" 1 $575.00
WH22 BUCHON, Ile St.Domingue, large text surround, col. 1827 24"x19" 1 $95.00

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WH24 SAMUEL HAZARD, Santo Domingo Past & Present, with a Glance at Hayti. Printed New York, a thick 500 page book with many full page woodcut illustrations and maps. Blue cloth cover, slightly soiled to spine but contents very clean and good. 1873 6"x8" 1 $125.00


Ref: Description: Date: Size: No. Price Ea:
WH63 HERVEYS, Naval Battle off St.Domingo, English/French, scarce item, b/white 1770 6"x6" 1 $185.00

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WH51 PERIGNON/PONCE, View Bombarde, laid out village, f/col. 1790 9"x7" Sold $375.00

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WH52 MOREUA ST.MERY, Vue Cap Francois, excellent panorama, b/w 1791 24"x12" Sold $1500.00
WH53 MOREUA ST.MERY, Fort St.Louis/Bay Jacquemel,2 views, b/w 1791 6"x 8" 1 $145.00

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WH61 BOQUET/CHAPUY, Pair of spectacular copper engravings, a) Vue Des 40 Jours D'Incendie des Habitations De La Plaine Du Cap Francais. Arivee le 23 Aout 1791. b) Vue De L'Incendie De La Ville Du Cap Francais, Arrivee le 21 Juin 1793. Full original colour, a very rare collector item. 1795 29"x20" Sold $8,950.00

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WH62 MARY RAINE, Cape St.Francois, Hayti, St.Domingo, Destroyed by Earthquake May 1842. WATERCOLOUR wash drawing taken on the spot with ink description. (Reverse of paper has a light pencil sketch of Nassau Bahamas and signed Mary Raine 1841). two sheets joined. 1842 28"x10" 1 $3,950.00

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WH59 ILN, English and French Steamers in Harbour of Gonave, b/w 1851 10"x4" 5 $35.00
WH54 ILN, General Geffard, President Hayti, col 1859 8"x 9" 1 $25.00
WH55 NORRKOPING, Good market scene, col. 1862 9"x 7" 1 $325.00

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WH56 ILN, HMS Bulldog in conflict at Cape Hytien, col. 1865 10"x 9" 2 $35.00

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WH57 ILN, 2 views, Landing at Jacmel, col. 1865 10"x14" 1 $45.00

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WH60 ILN, Cape Haytien, Island of Hayti, with HMS Galatea shelling the Forts, b/w 1866 15"x5" 3 $35.00

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WH58 LEMERCIER, Light Infantry, very amusing character, full col. 1870 9"x13" 1 $1575.00

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