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Ref: Description: Date: Size: No. Price Ea:

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WN01 OGILBY, Bermuda, very decorative, excellent, full col. 1670 14"x12" Sold $2250.00

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WN02 SPEED, Bermuda, very decorative, full col. 1676 21"x16" Sold $2150.00

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T226 EDWARD WELLS, A New map of the most Considerable Plantations of the English in America. Exceptional map with cartouche title, large insets of Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, Carolina and Acadia. Shows area of original US Colonies. Collectors item. Black/white 1700 19"x15" 1 $4250.00

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WN03 LE ROUGE, Bermuda/Jamaica, parishes, col. 1756 11"x 8" Sold $275.00

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WN08 J.GIBSON, The British Governments in Nth.America Laid down agreeable to the proclamation of Oct.1763. Large inset of BERMUDA. Excellent map of the Colonies, Great Lakes, showing limit of Hudsons Bay Company and large area "Lands Reserved for the Indians", West Florida then Louisiana going west. Issued in Gents.Mag. (GM170) Scarce item now. Black/white 1763 8"x 9" 1 $1200.00

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WN04 BONNE, Large inset Bermuda to West Indies, detailed, b/w 1770 12"x 8" 2 $325.00
WN05 TALLIS, Bermuda plus other insets to page, vignettes, o/col. 1851 10"x14" 2 $295.00

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WN07 FULLARTON Bermuda and Jamaica, two excellent deteailed maps to page with decorative surround of vignettes including Port Royal and Dock Yards, Bermuda. Litho col. 1860 13"x18" Sold $675.00
WN06 STARK, Bermuda Guide Book, excellent 1902 8vo 1 $275.00


Ref: Description: Date: Size: No.Price Ea:
WN51JOHNSON, 2 views, Bermuda/ St.Georgetown, text surround, b/w 1864 11"x13" 1 $65.00
WN52ILN, Ireland Island, Bermuda, panoramic view, b/w 1848 15"x 4" 1 $65.00
WN53FULLARTON, Bermuda & Jamaica, many vignettes, b/w 1860 8"x10" 1 $185.00
WN54ILN, HMS Diadem Taking crew off dismasted ship nr Bermuda, b/w 1862 10"x 7" 1 $45.00

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WN55ILN, View from Spanish Point Bermuda, galleons etc., full page, b/w 1862 14"x10" 2 $150.00
WN56ILN, Camp of Royal Engineers at Bermuda during Yellow Fever, b/w 1867 14"x 7" 2 $80.00
WN57ILN, Bermuda Floating Dock, down Channel, half-page, b/w 1869 9"x 5" 1 $35.00
WN58ILN, Bermuda Floating Dock at Porto Santo, half-page, b/w 1869 9"x 7" 3 $60.00
WN59ILN, Training Ship Atalanta, (ship, visited Bermuda 1879), b/w 1880 9"x 7" 1 $65.00
WN60BERARD, The Bermudas, good scene, galleon, docks, b/w 1880 10"x 7" 3 $150.00
WN61GRAPHIC, A Bermudian Easter Lily (145 blooms)(flower), b/w 1883 5"x 7" 1 $35.00
WN62ILN, Bermuda, Winter Home of Princess Louise, 6 views, b/w 1883 10"x14" 1 $135.00
WN63GRAPHIC, Boer Boys catching Devil-Fish at Bermuda, b/w 1902 10"x 7" 1 $75.00
WN64PHOTO Booklet, good scenes, 24 pages, b/w 1910 9"x 7" 1 $95.00