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E5504 PHILLIPS, Chart of Russian exploration route through King George's Islands area to Krusensterns Islands in the Tuamotus. Very scarce item, b/w 1821 16"x8" 1 $225.00

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E5507 LOUIS DUPERRY, De L'Ile Narcisse/De L'Ile Moller/De L'Ile Clermont-Tonnerre. Three charts to page, b/white 1827 14"x20" 1 $225.00

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E5508 LOUIS DUPERRY, Carte Des Iles Pomotou. Exceptional chart of the whole group including Tahiti, many explorer routes shown, b/white 1827 29"x19" 1 $775.00

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E5506 DUMONT D'URVILLE, Maison De L'Eveque A Ao-Kena, Manga Reva, Marquesas. Good tropical scene, small worming, b/w 1830 14"x10" 1 $425.00
E5505 D'URVILLE, View Krusenstern island/Natives of Tchitchgoff, b/w 1834 5"x8" 5 $85.00
E5500 VINCENDON DUMOULIN, Archipel Pomotou, small well detailed chart, names even remotest islands, b/w 1848 11"x7" 1 $225.00
E5501 CHARLES WILKES, Paumotu Group, steel engraved map, well detailed from Tahiti to Mangarea 1856 11"x8" 1 $275.00
E5502 DEPOT DES CARTES MARINE, Plan De L'Ile Hao, after Beechey, excellent French Admiralty chart, detailed, scarce item, b/w 1874 19"x13" 1 $325.00

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E5503 RECLUSE, Landscape in Tuamotu Archplg. coconut grove, b/w 1880 8"x 5" 2 $150.00