Superior quality colour lithographs issued in Brussels, Belgium about 1890 by Lucien Linden with chromo-lithography by Pannemaker. Published in a series of pamphlets with about 6 plates per (monthly) issue from about 1880 onwards. Most of the following items have the page of text available. These are large format plates, each print being 14"x11", excellent for framing. Orchid plates are very well collected and are becoming scarce.

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OR001 Zygopetalum Clayi SOLD OR002 Oncidium Stelligerum $325
OR003 Laelia Lindleyana SOLD OR004 Odontoglossum Braeckmani SOLD
OR005 Cattleya Clymene SOLD OR006 Renanthera Matutina SOLD

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OR007 Vanda Parishi SOLD OR008 Cattleya Memoria Bleui SOLD
OR009 Cypredium Stepmaniae SOLD OR010 Oncidium Varicosum $325
OR011 Cattleya Labiata Perfecta SOLD OR012 Dendrobium Phalaenopsis SOLD

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      OR014 Stauropsis Fasciata SOLD
OR015 Cattleya Bicolor $225 OR016 Houlletia Odoratissima $295
OR017 Cymbidium Zaleskianum $295 OR018 Odontoglossum Grande $195