Plan des Fortresse de Vallete Bourg et Sangle de Malte.

EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL BROADSHEET document on the history of Malta and the Turkish war of 1656. Printed Paris 1662.

At left is a panel showing birds-eye view of La Valletta with small inset map of Malta. At right is an engraving depicting the naval engagement between the Turkish and European Fleets near Troy, ships are named in legend. Along foot of page is a large text block with key to 64 points. In very good condition generally, laid on linen, minor scuffs but an excellent collectors item. (Unknown to Ganada, who identifies only the second state and a later edition by Jaillot of 1669)

Full contemporary colour 41"x23" $7500.00

The Knights of Malta commanded a powerful fleet of ships and patrolled the Mediterranean. Many important naval battles were fought for the Christian Kingdom against the Muslims. However, in 1523 the Knights were forced from Rhodes and eventually re-established themselves on Malta in 1530. The Turks continued to attack the Knights at Malta until they were finally routed by the Grand Master Fra'Jean de la Valette, at the famous siege of 1565. The Order of St.John now became one of the most powerful and took part in the final destruction of the Turkish Empire.

A new Fortress City was built and named after Valletta, it is one of the earliest examples of a planned city on a grid system. The best engineers were used in the buildings and fortifications, while the best artists were used for paintings in the churches and museums. (Built by gentlemen for gentlemen, a magnificent fortification, unrivalled in the world)
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