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GEORGE ROBERTSON, published by John BOYDELL London l778, four (of six) important and well known, copper engravings of JAMAICAN landscape scenes. On strong wove paper, in very good condition with only slight age toning.
Each view with printed area 20 3/4"x15", wide margins, nicely coloured.

A View In The Island of Jamaica:
a) Spring-head of Roaring River on the Estate of William Beckford Esqr. Tropical forest to rivers edge, road with cattle being forded through river and two girls with food baskets.

b) Bridge crossing the Cabaritta River, on the Estate of William Beckford Esqr. Semi-circular wooden bridge over the river, locals washing clothes.

c) Fort William Estate with part of Roaring River belonging to William Beckford Esq., near Savannah la Marr. Good general scene, river in foreground, natives crossing simple bridge, slave huts and plantation buildings clearly shown, owners house on hill overlooking.

d) part of the River Cobre near Spanish Town. Road with oxen cart and natives runs alongside river, looking up a wooded valley.
Set of four $11000.00

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Attributed to JOHN EAVES, c.1794, Williamsfield Estate, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

WILLIAMSFIELD Estate was situated on a rivulet of the Cabaritta River, approximately 10 miles north of Savannah La Mar, in Westmoreland. The Robertson map of 1804 designates this a sugar plantation with a water-mill. The painting clearly shows the aqueduct to feed the mill and several barrels are being stored in an open shed close to the mill buildings. However, no sugar is shown in cultivation, there are various enclosures with horses and cattle and a collection of slave huts. The managers house is placed on a rise overlooking the whole valley area. A gang of slaves are on the road, followed by another group with ox-cart. In far distance is another group of large buildings.

Unusually large pen-ink/watercolour painting, on Whatman Paper (watermark 1794). On reverse is noted "belonged to Mr. Wm.Beckford and came *** JBL Hay, who sold it". William Beckford (1709-70) inherited the greater part of his father's estate and became the leading landholder in Jamaica, by 1754 he owned over 22,000 acres. (On Bryan Edward's map of

Jamaica, Queens-Town, Westmoreland was then called Beckford Town). Although born in Jamaica, Beckford became an absentee landowner, becoming a London merchant and ship-owner and twice became Lord Mayor of London.

Very good condition, minor crease to centre, inscribed lower right corner.
Watercolour 29 1/4"x22 1/4" $10,500.00

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Attributed to NICHOLAS POCOCK, c1800, View of a Great House and Buildings on a Plantation in Jamaica, St.Ann's Parish.
Good early watercolour showing the usual layout of a plantation, mill and works with managers house overlooking, the Great House on small rise above these. In the foreground are some sheep, a worker sitting with a manager standing. On reverse is an inked note in old hand, stating "Rosewood", the most likely name for the estate. Nicholas Pocock was a well known artist of the time, specialising in topography and marine paintings. Very good condition.
Watercolour 23 1/2"x16" $8750.00

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JOHN HENRY SCHROETER, c1800:- Richmond Estate.

An exceptional quality watercolour painting with minute detail. John Henry Schroeter was a plantation surveyor but he also served as Captain at Fort Balcarres in Falmouth. His military training was evident in the maps and plans he produced of various estates, in fact he was amongst the first, prior to 1800, to show the variation of the true magnetic north. Many of his plans had attractive vignettes or cartouches added, a talented artist, his watercolour paintings are done with the same quality and accuracy.

This view shows the workers in foreground, loading an ox-cart. Good detail to the mill and plantation buildings with many slave huts to left. The basis of the early sugar estate was to design the plantation in a cincular fashion so that no great distance was to be travelled from the huts to the fields and return to the mill. Mint condition, signed lower right corner.
Watercolour 20"x14" $32,500.00

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1. North East View of Petersfield Estate, St.Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, the Property of Henry Shirly Esqr.

2. An East View of Petersfield Estate, Jamaica.

A truly superb PAIR of paintings with incredible detail.

These views of PETERSFIELD sugar estate show a large number of slaves cutting cane in the central foreground, the bundles being collected and transported by mules and ox-cart. The main works are clearly defined with the mill, boiling house, curing sheds and other ancillary buildings such as the overseers house, hospital, blacksmiths and coopers shops. Further up the hill is the Great House, to middle left is a very large slave village consisting of many huts shaded by coconut trees. The basis of the early sugar estate was to design the plantation in a circular fashion so that no great distance was to be travelled from the huts to the fields and return to the mill. Very good condition, each signed lower right corner.
Watercolours, each 20 1/2"X16 1/4" $29,500.00 pair

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JOSPEH B.KIDD, printed London 1838, Plate, 8. The Parade and Upper Part of Kingston from the Church. Looking Towards the Port Royal Mountains.

Kidd produced a selection of 50 loose folio views for his West Indian Scenery Illustrations of Jamaica in a series of views comprising the Principal Towns, Public Buildings, Estates and Picturesque Scenery of the Island. These were issued in 10 parts, of which only parts 8 and 9 were of the same size paper. He was a Member of the Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The prints were published in London by Smith, Elder & Co., and in Kingston by James Wallace & Co., Various lithographers are noted on the plates, this one is by W.Clerk of Holborn. A New York edition was also published by Buffords. As with Belisario and Hakewill, the later parts are almost impossible to find, due again to the lack of support and hardship caused by emancipation.

Superb town view looking across square with several horse carriages, surrounded by many prominent buildings. Issued in Part 2, a rare item. (Abbey 686)
Full colour 22 1/4"x14 1/4" $8,900.00

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JOSPEH B.KIDD, printed London 1835 by Buffords, large stone lithographs, from a set of about 50 views on Jamaica.

Retreat Penn, Parish of St. Anns. Property of Hon.Samuel Moulton Barrett. Landscape view of the Plantation, buildings and gardens. The pen covered 1040 acres and had a slave population of 235 in 1832. By 1837 it was managed by a free black overseer.
Full colour 18"x12 1/2" $5,800.00

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R.A.LEIGHTON, painted April 1867:-

1) Goshen St.Mary's, Jamaica. Noted on reverse, from the Manager's House, Mr.Evelyn.

2) New Ramble, St.Mary's, Jamaica.

Excellent PAIR of watercolour paintings, the first viewed from a balcony overlooking extensively planted valley with the works and mill in middle distance. The second is well executed to detail of the main works, oxen cart in foreground driven by two workers, the mill crushing house to the left, flume for the juice to the boiling house, curing sheds, coopers shed etc., Leighton is well known for his series of 5 lithographs of Baptist Chapels, published by Picken/Cartwright in 1840. Both in mint condition.
Watercolours, each 13 3/4"X8 1/2" $14,750.00 pair

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