Sir William Jardine

Sir William Jardine (1800-1874) was a prominent 19th century British
naturalist who spent much of his life compiling the most comprehensive record of animals to date. His published a series of books "The Naturalist Library". The work is divided in to four main sections - Birds, Mammals, BInsects and Fish. To illustrate his monumental work, Jardine commissioned many of Britain's finest wildlife artists and illustrators to create the drawings from which the engravings were made. Among the artists who contributed to this massive work was Edward Lear.

William Home Lizars was Edinburgh's leading engraver who not only worked on Jardine's monumnental project but was also chosen by Audubon for his "Birds of America".

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HB01 White Collared $55.00 HB02 Harlequin $65.00
HB03 Senegal Sunbird $95.00 HB04 Duchess Rivoli $95.00
HB05 Waglers $95.00 HB06 N.Bifasciata $95.00
HB07 N.Mahrattensis $95.00 HB08 Half-Tailed $95.00
HB09 Green Rumped $95.00 HB10 Double-crested $95.00
HB11 Title Page $95.00 HB12 Olive Backed $95.00
HB14 Cora $95.00 HB15 Carmelite $95.00
HB16 Audenets $95.00 HB17 Viloet Banded $95.00
HB18 Violet Forked $95.00 HB19 Avoset-Billed $95.00
HB20 Recurved-Billed $95.00 HB21 N.Splendida $95.00
HB22 Trochilus Dupontii $95.00 HB23 Ramphodon Naevius $95.00
HB24 Trochilus Enicurus $95.00 HB25 Trochilus Magnificus $95.00
HB26 Trochilus Delandii $95.00 HB27 Trochilus Recur $95.00
HB28 Trochilus Cornutus $95.00 HB29 Trochilus Audeneth $95.00
HB30 Trochilus Pella $95.00 HB31 Trochilus Dupontii $95.00
HB32 Trochilus Prasina $95.00 HB33 Trochilus Quadricolor $95.00
HB34 Trochilus Avocetta $95.00 HB35 Trochilus Coeligena $95.00