Ref:357 (HAWAII) C.S.STEWART, Late Missionary at the Sandwich Islands, printed New York 1828 by John P.Haven, Private Journal of a Voyage to the Pacific Ocean and Residence at the Sandwich Islands. in the Years 1822, 1823, 1824 and 1825.

A most interesting account of the islands at a time when the missionaries were just starting to establish themselves in this area. Covers voyage out to the islands, gale off Rio de La Plata, visits to various ships (whalers) en route.

Arrival at Honolulu, meeting with King and Chiefs, various aspects of local crafts and life, voyage to Maui. Description of Lahaina, hula dancing, house building, arrival of Riho-Riho. Custom of wailing, death, unhappy influences of foreigners, introduction of christian marriage, embarkation of Riho-Riho and suite for England. Sickness, fire, cruelty, sports of the surf, superstition. Various side trips, arrival of HMS Blonde, landing of Boki and party, presentation of Byron to government, landing of bodies of king/queen. Travels to Hawaii on Blonde, visits the erupting Kilauea volcano. Returns to Oahu on Blonde, illness of Mrs.Stewart forces departure for England on the Fawn.

The Chart of the Sandwich islands is a copy from Tour through Hawaii by Rev.Ellis. The principal drawings - taken from sketches of my own, made at the Islands - are the production of an amateur of this city. (New York). They are stone lithographs, slightly crude, but of immense importance, with interesting views of Lahaina and Honolulu. (Two with repairs).

"I have seen one of the first ladies of court, take a bone from the mouth of her dog, after he had had possession of it for several minutes, and putting it into her own, extract its remaining sweetness, apparently, with great gout: the same bone, returned again to the gravy dish, passed through the mouths of several others. The pets of the nobles, of whatever kind, have uncontrollable privileges. There is, at present, attached to the palace a hog weighing 400-500 pounds, which is permitted to range, at pleasure, and not unfrequently finds a bed among the satins and velvets of the royal couches."

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