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Recent Acquisitions
or Hawaii Related Artwork

Ref: Description: Date: Size: No.Price Ea:
HW500 LOUIS FREYCINET, Well known and interesting scene of King's minister being baptised in front of Hawaiian Flag, on board French ship. Rare item, full original colour.182011"x8"1$3250.00
HW501 PETIT-THOUARS, View of street in Honolulu, one of the most famous of scenes, showing the Queen leaving missionary church, ladies of honour behind. Excellent stone litho, very rare, b/white.183921"x13"1$2500.00
HW502 PETIT-THOUARS, Assembly of Chiefs of the Hawaiian Islands at conference with Commander of the Venus. Another famous scene with Chiefs, Queen, Entourage meeting Petit-Thouars inside large building. Excellent stone litho, very rare, b/white183921"x13"1$1950.00
HW503 PETIT-THOUARS, Panorama of Oahu with the anchorage/port of Honolulu. Large two sheet prospect view of coastline of Oahu, from Diamond Head to Waianea. Very rare, sepia litho,183940"x13"1$2500.00
HW504 DUMONT D'URVILLE, Morai D'Honaunau. Excellent quality steel engraving of the famous temple at Kona, large tikis, b/white 18347"x 6"1$375.00
HW505 DUMONT D'URVILLE, Masked Warriors of Hawaii/ King of Tahiti. Excellent quality steel engraving, b/white 18347"x 6"1$275.00
HW506 DUMONT D'URVILLE, Warrior of Hawaii/Young girl of Hawaii. Excellent quality steel engraving, b/white 18347"x 6"1$325.00
HW507 DUMONT D'URVILLE, Death of Cook. Excellent quality steel engraving, b/white 18347"x 6"1$375.00

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HW508 JAMES CLEVELEY, Death of Captain Cook. A very rare French edition of this famous aquatint. Contains title and description to lower border (not on the English edition). Sepia toned, small repair to lower margin. 1781 26"x20" 1 $10,000.00