Van Geel Botanicals

An important series of flower prints published by
Van Geel in Brussels, Belgium about 1832.

Printed in black/white, then hand coloured at the time by professional artists.
Each print is 10"x14", of excellent quality. There are very few antique prints of tropical flowers, artists mainly had to rely on those specimens brought to Europe by overseas expeditions. The few artists that did venture abroad mostly concentrated on people, landscapes and animal life.

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BT001Plumeria Tricolor$375 BT002Amaryllis Calyptrata$375
BT003Costus Speciosus$325 BT004Crinum Cruentum$395
BT005Billbergia Iridifoloia$375 BT006Allamanda Oenotheraefolia$325

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BT007Crinum Amabile$395 BT008Amaryllis Coranica$395
BT009Curcuma Zedoaria$375 BT010Crinum Scabrum$395
BT011Trillium Sessile$375 BT012Alpina Tubulata$345

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BT013Solandra Grandiflora$375 BT014Protea Cordifolia$375
BT015Sparaxis Tricolour$375 BT016Watsonia Marginata$375
BT018Amaryllis Curvifolia$375 BT019Stapelia Pedunculata$375

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BT019Plumbago Rosea$375 BT020Gladiolus Floribundus$395
BT021Gladiolus Hirsutus$375 BT022Phlox Amoena$325
BT023Gardenia Amoena$395 BT024Catasbaea Latifolia$375

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BT025Pontederia Azurea$425 BT026Amaryllis Blanda$395
BT027Plumeria Acuminata$395 BT028Scabiosa Caucasea$365
BT029Trichonema Speciosum$365 BT030Crinum Plicatum$375

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BT031Pyrus Japonica$375 BT032Yucca Stricta$425
BT033Aloe Mitraeformis$425 BT034Cactus Truncatus$425
BT035Beaumontia Grandiflora$395 BT036Zingiber Casumunar$395