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F.W.FROHAWK (1861-1946) was born in Norfolk, England, he was one of the leading ornithological artists of his time. At the age of 20 he was appointed zoological artist to The Field, a very important naturalist magazine in England. Elected to the British Ornithologists Union in 1895 and became Fellow of the Entomological Soceity in 1891. Frowhawk was a talented and prolific artist, producing over 1000 illustrations for various books including Aves Hawaiiensis and Birds of Laysan for Lord Rothschild.

The following selection are from Foreign Finches in Captivity by Arthur G.Butler, published in 1899. These are high quality original antique lithographs printed in full gloss colour. Size: 7"x10", all clean and very good.

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TB100 Red Crested Cardinal $350 TB101 Virginian Cardinal $350 TB102 Dominican Cardinal $250
TB103 Violet Tanager $80 TB104 Madagascar Weaver $120 TB105 Black Headed Siskin $85
TB106 Baya Weaver $98 TB107 Cape Canary $65 TB108 St Helena Seed Eater $120
TB109 Scarlet Tanager $120 TB110 Grey Singing Finch $98 TB111 Yellow Backed Whydah $120
TB112 Orange Weaver $150 TB113 Crimson Crowned Weaver $120 TB114 Superb Tanager $90

TB115 Lavender Finch $120 TB116 White Throated Finch $98 TB117 Parrot Finch $120
TB118 Bicheno's Finch $120 TB119 Diamond Sparrow $120 TB120 Parson Finch $120
TB121 Ribbon Finch $120 TB122 The Bencalee $98 TB123 Sharp Tailed Finch $98
TB124 Scarlet Rose Finch $120 TB125 Green Cardinal $120 TB126 Violet Eared Waxbill $120
TB127 Chestnut Breasted Finch $98 TB128 Magpie Mannikin $120 TB129 Bronze Mannikin $120

TB130 Combasou $98 TB131 Pin Tailed Whydah $98 TB132 Paradise Whydah 98
TB133 Long Tailed Whydah $98 TB134 Red-Collared Whydah $98 TB135 Common African Waxbill $98
TB136 Spice Bird $95 TB137 Black-Headed Mannikin $150 TB138 Java Sparrow $120
TB139 Common Amaduvade $95 TB140 Cordon Bleu $98 TB141 Sydney Waxbill $150
TB142 Painted Finch $120 TB143 Australian Fire-Tailed Finch $150 TB144 Grenadier Weaver $150

TB145 Napoleon Weaver $120 TB146 Yellow Shouldered Weaver $120 TB147 Melodious or Cuba Finch $120
TB148 Gouldian Finch $120 TB149 Red-Billed Weaver $120 TB150 Yellow-Billed Cardinal $250
TB151 Red-Faced Finch $98 TB152 Indian Silver-Bill $120 TB153 Orange-Cheeked Waxbill $120
TB154 Indigo Bunting $120 TB155 Pileated Finch $120 TB156 Nonpareil Bunting $120
  TB157 Green Amaduvade Waxbill $120