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Bartlett's History of America

Good quality steel engraving issued in Bartlett's History of America, published in 1856 Size = 10" x 7"

TBH001 The Narrows, Lake George $35 TBH002 The Fratricide at Wyoming $25
TBH003 Rogers' Slide, Lake George $35 TBH004 Washington's Monument, Baltimore $65
TBH005 Faneuiel Hall, Boston $165 TBH006 View of Baltimore $125
TBH007 The United States Bank, Philadelphia $150 TBH008 The Park and City Hall, New York $125
TBH009 Boston from the Dorchester Heights $150 TBH010 Embarkation of the Pilgrim Fathers $65
TBH011 Natural Bridge, Virgina $45 TBH012 Schuylkill Water Works $55
TBH013 State Street, Boston $150 TBH014 View from Fort Putnam (Hudson River) $60
TBH015 Gen. Marion & the British Officers $35 TBH016 The British Surrendering their Arms to Gen. Washinton, 1781 $125
TBH017 View of New York, from Weehawken $125 TBH018 Major Dix at the Battle of Buena Vista $50
TBH019 Principal Front of the Capitol Washington $55 TBH020 Navy Island (From the Canada Side) $45
TBH021 Niagara Falls from the Ferry $65 TBH022 Northampton, Massachusetts. $75
TBH023 Harpers Ferry $65 TBH024 Lockport, Erie Canal. $85
TBH025 Yale College (Newhaven) $225 TBH026 Trenton Falls, View down the Ravine. $50
TBH027 View from Gowanus Heights, Brooklyn. $85 TBH028 Death of General Montgomery $85
TBH029 Kosciusko's Monument $45 TBH030 View of the ruins of Fort Ticonderoca $30
TBH031 Albany $85 TBH032 Saratoga Lake $25
TBH033 The Death of General Wolfe $ 65 TBH034 View of Hudson City and the Catskill Mountains $75
TBH035 View from West Point $125 TBB036 The Washington National Monument $50
TBH037 The Battle at Bunkers Hill, near Boston. June 7th 1775 $125 TBH038 Boston, and Bunker Hill $125
TBH039 J.C.Calhoun $70 TBH040 Edward Everett $45
TBH041 W.CLay $55 TBH042 DeWit Clinton $55
TBH043 Winfield Scott $50 TBH044 Z.Taylor $65
TBH045 Melvin Seward $55 TBH046 R.Fuller $45
TBH047 Frank Pierce $35 TBH048 Thomas H. Benton $65
TBH049 American Engineer Conveying Despatches $20 TBH050 The Despatch (General Washington) $65
TBH051 Joe Cass $65 TBH052 Charles Freemont $85
TBH053 Silas Wrigley $50 TBH054 Dan Webster $50
TBH055 S.Douglas $50 TBH056 Millard Tillmore $95