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China was being run under a despotic system with absolute power being granted to the Emperor. The Mandarins and great officers of state were also selected solely by the Emperor, creating a governing class that would use any unscrupulous means and endeavours to get themselves enrolled among the favoured few. Their chief characteristics are treachery and duplicity, receiving bribes and cheating those that dealt with them. The Chinese people were prohibited from travelling and were unaware of improved conditions in other countries.

Various rebellions took place and at this time there was civil war.

In 1834 the exclusive privileges of the East India Company were abolished and China was opened to free trade. A number of ships left Canton with cargoes of tea for England. The British Government appointed 3 superintendents at Canton but the Chinese government refused to recognise the new trade with foreigners, resulting in various interruptions.

By 1838 further disagreements came about because of the smuggling of Opium. The English ships trading in Opium were ordered out of Canton river but matters came to a crisis when a smuggler was strangled in front of the English factories. In March 1839 the Chinese troops effectively cut off the English factories and forcibly compelled them to deliver the 20,283 chests of Opium, which were then destroyed. War was then declared by England and the coats of China were blockaded.

A peace was concluded at Nankin in 1842 and HONG KONG was ceded to the British.

This was the position at the time when Thomas Allom visited China, prompting him to produce the China Illustrated as a series of views displaying the Scenery, Architecture and Social Habits. Printed in London between 1843 and 1847 on steel engraved plates of the highest quality.

Interesting and exciting selection of views. All are in excellent condition, uncoloured, size: 6"x8" plus margins.

Ref:355 China scenes
ALC01. Whampoa from Danes Island (good view) $95.00 ALC02. Amoy from Ko-long-soo (good view) $95.00

ALC03. The Great Wall of China (mountain view) SOLD ALC04. Tung-ting Shan (river scene) $35.00
ALC05. City of Ning-po, from river (good scene) $125.00 ALC06. Attack/Capture Chuenpee, near Canton (battle) $35.00
ALC07. Punishment of the Bastinado $45.00 ALC08. Mandarin paying visit of Ceremony (palanquin) $135.00

ALC09. First Entrance Gate Temple Confuscius (building) SOLD ALC10. Culture/Preparation of Tea (good scene) $175.00
ALC11. Pavillion and Gardens Mandarin, nr Peking (buildings) $95.00 ALC12. Hea hills Chaou-king-foo (river scene) $18.00
ALC13. Woo-e-shan, Province Fo-kien (rock formations) $18.00 ALC14. Dyeing and Winding Silk (excellent) $225.00
ALC15. Destroying Chrysalides/reeling Cocoons (excellent) $225.00 ALC16. Entrance Hoang-ho, Yellow River (good scene) $95.00
ALC17. Capture Ting-hai, Chusan (naval battle) $55.00 ALC18. Woo-Tang Mountains (scenery) $18.00
ALC19. Foochun Hill, CheKiang (river scene) $18.00 ALC20. Itinerant Doctor at Tien-sing (excellent) $225.00
ALC21. Playing Shuttlecock with feet (sport) $125.00 ALC22. Yin-shan, Silver Island on Yang-tse (river scene) $25.00
ALC23. Boudoir/Bed Chamber Lady of Rank $95.00 ALC24. Canton Barge-men fighting Quails (good) $95.00
ALC25. Estuary of Ning-po river (boats) $55.00 ALC26. Amoy from Outer Anchorage (good view) $95.00
ALC27. City of Nanking (good view) $125.00 ALC28. European Factories Canton (river view) $175.00
ALC29. Temple of Bonzes, Quang Yen Roack (river view) $35.00 ALC30. Vale of Ting-hai, Chusan (scenery) $15.00
ALC31. Proof sword rock (scenery) $15.00 ALC32. Ancient Tombs near Amoy (scenery) $15.00

ALC33. City of Amoy from Tombs (good view) $55.00 ALC34. Lake See-Hoo,TempleThundering Winds(good) $35.00
ALC35. Festival of Dragon Boat,5th Day,5thMoon (good) Sold ALC36. Ceremony of Meeting the Spring (procession) $95.00

ALC37. Gardens of Imperial Palace, Peking (good view) SOLD ALC38. Tseih Sing, Seven Star Mountains $35.00

ALC39. Junks Passing Incline on Imperial canal (excellent) SOLD ALC40. Bridge of Nanking $125.00
ALC41. Altar Piece in Temple Ting-hai $25.00 ALC42. Offerings for departed Relatives (interior) $18.00

ALC43. Silk farm at Hoo-Chew (loading boats) SOLD ALC44. Landing Place at Yuk-shan (good view) $75.00
ALC45. Han-tseuen, Kiang-nan (scenery) $18.00 ALC46. Sowing Rice at Soo-chow-foo (treadmill) $45.00
ALC47. Fortress of Terror, Ting-hai (scenery) $18.00 ALC48. West gate Chiang-Keang-Foo (river) $18.00
ALC49. Chinese Marriage Procession (good) $125.00 ALC50. Emperor Teaou-Kwang reveiwing Guards, Peking Palace $95.00

ALC51. Cap venders Shop, Canton (good interior) SOLD ALC52. Chinese Opium Smokers (good interior) $225.00

ALC53. Chinese Sacrifice to Harvest Moon (good) $75.00 ALC54. Devotee consulting the Sticks of Fate (interior) $25.00

ALC55. An Itinerant Barber $175.00 ALC56. Close of Attack Shapoo $18.00
ALC57. Hall of Audience, Palace Yuen Peking $65.00 ALC58. Loading Tea-junks Tseen-tang (good scene) SOLD
ALC59. Yellow Pagoda Fort, Canton River $18.00 ALC60. Landing Place Temple of Honan, Canton (river scene) $75.00
ALC61. Fountain-court in House Canton (buildings) $55.00 ALC62. House of Chinese Merchant, Canton $85.00
ALC63. Shin-Mun Rock Gates (river scene) $35.00 ALC64. Termination of Great Wall of China (sea) SOLD

ALC65. Ladies of a Mandarin playing Cards (good) SOLD ALC67. Great Temple at Honan, Canton (interior) $25.00
ALC68. Cataract of Shih-Tan (river) $15.00 ALC69. A Street in Canton (interesting) $185.00

ALC70. Scene from Spectacle of Sun and Moon (play) SOLD ALC71. Punishment of the Tcha or Cangue SOLD

ALC72. Pavilion of Star of Hope, Tong Chow (buildings) $75.00 ALC73. Tao-ping Shaou Kwan (river port scene) $95.00
ALC74. Jugglers exhibiting in Mandarin Court $85.00 ALC75. Rice Sellers at Military Station (good) $145.00

ALC76. Raree Show at Lin-sin-choo (puppets) $165.00 ALC77. Theatre at Tien-sin (river boats/buildings $95.00

ALC78. House of Chinese Merchant near Canton (buildings) $125.00 ALC79. Military Station near City Chokian (river scene) $85.00
ALC80. Cotton Plantation at Ning-po $45.00 ALC81. Kilns at King-tan (river scene) $35.00
ALC82. Imperial palace at Tseaou-shan $35.00 ALC83. Pagoda and Village on Canal near Canton (good) $75.00
ALC84. Ancient Bridge Chapoo (buildings) $65.00 ALC85. Imperial travelling Palace Hoo-kew-shan (good scene) $65.00
ALC86. Coal Mines at Ying-Tih $15.00 ALC87. Arrival of Marriage presents $65.00
ALC88. Cataract of Tripod Lake (scenery) $15.00 ALC89. Fort of Two Peaks at Le Nai (scenery) $15.00
ALC90. Scene on Honan Canal near Canton (good) $85.00 ALC91 Entrance into City Amoy